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2/4/8/12pcs Soft Vitality Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush Heads Replace For Oral-B

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Package Includes:
12 x Electric Toothbrush Heads (Fits: Oral-B SB-17A / EB17A )
8 x Electric Toothbrush Heads ( Fits: Oral-B SB-17A/EB17-4 )
4 x Electric Toothbrush Heads ( Fits: D4510 D1 D1W D12523 D17525 D18 D19523 D19545 D20523 D20545 OC18 D8011 D9525 D9511 D20 D25 D30 D32 type4739 3709(Not Sonic brush head) 3728 3738 3744 3757)

-Generic Toothbrush Head Replacements
-Soft Bristles in center to protect teeth from harsh brushing
--Indicator Bristles color fades to signal time for replacement
-Color Coded Rings for individual identification
- Triumph Professional Care--9000 series
-Professional Care 5000/ 6000 /7000/8000
- Dual Clean
These will not work with Vitality Sonic, Sonic Complete, or Cross Action Power

Color: white
Each Size: about 10cm by 5cm
Fits: Oral-B SB-17A / EB17A
Material: Stainless Steel + DuPont nylon bristles

Best Ways to use an Electric Toothbrush
1.Only slight pressure is sufficient, let the electric toothbrush do all the brushing work
2.Use the electric toothbrush at least twice a day for two minutes
3.After applying toothpaste, do not switch on until the bristle heads are against teeth. This will stop toothpaste from spraying off.
4.Divide your mouth into four quadrants/sections and brush one by one
5.Brush the outside surfaces horizontally along the gum line, slowly moving the brush heads along each tooth.
6.Brush the inner surfaces and be sure to hold the brush on each tooth for a few seconds at a time.
7.Tartar often forms more on the lower incisors. Give these teeth a little longer brushing time.
8.Brush over the chewing surfaces twice and ensure to brush the backs of you last molars